You are Invited!

Covid-19 has presented some very interesting times. It is very important to have a dialogue in these difficult times about how to try to be happy in these circumstances.

Garje Marathi Global has kindly organized my talk. I hope you will join us!

On 16 May 2020, Honorable Minister Shri. Nitin Gadkariji addressed GMG members via Video Conference. Please watch this inspiring video recording of the event:

Opening remarks by Anand Ganu will give you good idea about GMG’s current status and future plans. Anand GanuFounder & President Garje Marathi Global Inc.  +1 7327897130

Published by ashwinimokashi

Ashwini Mokashi's book 'Sapiens and Sthitaprajna' is on Comparative Philosophy on the concept of the wise person in Stoic Seneca and the Gita. The book talks about how wisdom leads to happiness. This book is now also recognized by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association from New York. Her next book, a work in progress, is an account of a meditational community in India. Her broad interest is in synthesizing wisdom from various ancient traditions in the context of modern challenges.

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