A Solution to Low Blood Inventory in the Us Hospitals

In our township in Montgomery, NJ, we have had some success running six blood drives during the pandemic and collected enough blood to save the lives of 474 people. It may be a drop in the ocean, but it is a formula for success to figure out how to improve the blood inventory safely and securely during these troubled times. Many news outlets have reported concerns about treating patients with a low supply of blood.

Recently the local newspaper published a piece on our work of the blood-drives in 2020.


Montgomery EMS is an all-volunteer organization in Montgomery, NJ. https://www.mems47.org/public_website/index.shtml

Published by ashwinimokashi.com

‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ has been formed in New Jersey during the Covid times to respond to the need for dealing with mental health challenges among people and help them with Philosophical Counseling. LLC’s motto is to bring the life of the community at ease during the pandemic. ‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ is a small business built on its promoter’s strength with decades of academic philosophy, corporate work, and volunteering experience. Dr. Ashwini Mokashi's book 'Sapiens and Sthitaprajna' is on Comparative Philosophy on the concept of the wise person in Stoic Seneca and the Gita. The book talks about how wisdom leads to happiness.

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