Book Review by Terri McNichol

Terri McNichol, an author and artist, has kindly written a review of my book, which is given below. She describes the central thesis of my work and explains why the study of the classics is still important and worth pursuing. Sapiens and Sthitaprajna: A Comparative Study in Seneca’s Stoicism and the Bhagavadgita (hereafter Gita), byContinue reading “Book Review by Terri McNichol”

How to Lead a Good Life

(C) Ashwini Mokashi The pursuit of happiness is led by everyone across the planet throughout the human history. Assuming there must be some truths to this pursuit which are common across the world, I turned to the ancient wisdom on the subject. Little did I imagine that the road to happiness would go through wiseContinue reading “How to Lead a Good Life”

Keeping Independent Scholarship Alive

Seneca, an ancient Hellenic philosopher, always maintained that the retirement phase was an extremely important phase of life, as it allowed one to practice virtue and Philosophy. To me, this phase also symbolizes not just with the practice of virtue, but also with the practice of independent scholarship. In order to be an independent scholarContinue reading “Keeping Independent Scholarship Alive”

Goddess of Wisdom – Saraswati

by Ashwini Mokashi (c) Today is Dussehra, Dasara, Vijaya Dashami and the day is celebrated by the Hindu community as a worship of Goddes Saraswati, who is the Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Art. I hope with her blessings, we can move forward with the mission of spreading the word that wisdom leads to happinessContinue reading “Goddess of Wisdom – Saraswati”

Gandhi Jayanti – Birth Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi

What better way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti than saying we will try to understand the moral values discussed in the Bhagavadgita, the basis of the moral philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi… The Humanities Group of Princeton Research Forum will hold a book discussion on the first and second chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita on Saturday, October 5thContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti – Birth Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi”

From Violence to Security

by Ashwini Mokashi (c) Violence against women has continued despite the wake-up calls through the ‘me too’ movement a few years ago. Violence occurs not just from powerful men, but also from men on the street. Anger takes the form of violence, when it is out of control. Why are women being held responsible inContinue reading “From Violence to Security”

Sapiens ani Sthitaprajna

This was my first article in Marathi that I published after two decades of not having written anything in Marathi. One doesn’t forget one’s mother-tongue and the joy I felt after having written the article was unbelievable. The article was very well-received by so many readers. I was glad, it struck a chord with many.Continue reading “Sapiens ani Sthitaprajna”

The Pursuit of Happiness

My recently published book ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna: A Comparative Study in Seneca’s Stoicism and the Bhagavadgita’ is based on the concept of a wise person as we see in Stoic Seneca as well as in the Bhagavadgita. The scholarly research shows how wisdom leads to happiness, in a simple layman’s terms. This article below isContinue reading “The Pursuit of Happiness”