Gurudev Prof. R.D. Ranade

Many Pranams to the memory of Gurudev Prof. R.D. Ranade!

July 3rd, 1886, saw the birth of Gurudev Prof. R.D. Ranade, an eminent scholar, Philosopher, Indologist, and Spiritual Guru of India. He was the Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University and a leader of Nimbargi Sampradaya with an ashram in Nimbal, Karnataka. Born in a small town called Jamkhindi on the border of the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, his philosophical literature and spiritual message continue to be a torchlight in many lives. Philosophical scholars and spiritual disciples worldwide hold him in very high esteem.

My current research is based on his philosophy, which is a way to pay the debt to his blessings by writing about his work. For more information on his biography and works, please see the following website:

Gurudev Ranade

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