We would be happy to provide any discounts or concessions depending on your situation. So please feel free to ask us.

Happiness Counseling:

Initial meeting – free (30 minutes)

$95 per half hour session

$190 per one hour session

Minimum 4 sessions advisable.


Initial meeting – free (30 minutes)


1 month package – $400 – for four sessions of one hour

3-month package – $1,200 – for weekly sessions for three months

Ethical Consulting

Half a day session – $2,000

Full-day session – $4,000

These charges are for a group of people. They may differ based on how small or large a group is. Please check with us.

Research Talks

Negotiated separately with Universities or academic institutions.


Group rates available for corporate or non-profit groups.

Individual rate is $200 for a four-week course.

Payment by PayPal, Zelle, Venmo