The San Diego Union Tribune

by Ashwini Mokashi, Ph.D I am very thankful to the San Diego Independent Scholars Group for including my article in their book, “COVID-19: getting through with wit and grit.” This book was published recently on the website of the San Diego Independent Scholars (SDIS) at, in its projects section. The San Diego Union-Tribune has publishedContinue reading “The San Diego Union Tribune”

फुलांची बाग

लेखिका: अश्विनी मोकाशी © भारतीय संत साहित्य तत्त्वज्ञानाच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी फार आकर्षक आहे. साहित्य, आध्यात्मिक ज्ञान, कविता, संगीत यांची ही एक आनंददायी आणि अमर कला आहे. शतकानुशतके आपण त्यांचे लिखाण आश्चर्याने आणि कृतज्ञतेने वाचत राहतो. संत कबीर दास हे पंधराव्या शतकातील उत्तर भारतातील एक आध्यात्मिक कवी होते. अनेक भारतीय गायक अभिमानाने कबीरांचे दोहे गातात. त्यांच्या उर्दूमिश्रित हिंदीContinue reading “फुलांची बाग”

‘Garden of Flowers’ by Saint Kabir

Blog Post by Dr. Ashwini Mokashi © Indian hagiographical literature is fascinating for students of Indian Philosophy. An undying literary art, it combines spiritual knowledge, poetry and music, thereby inducing bliss. We continue to read these writings century after century with awe and gratitude. Saint Kabir Dasa was one such fifteenth century mystic poet fromContinue reading “‘Garden of Flowers’ by Saint Kabir”

Recognition by the Ancient Philosophy Society

by Ashwini Mokashi Thank you, Ancient Philosophy Society, for giving my book ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’ the recognition on your website and placing the book among various well-known works by contemporary Western Philosophers.It is time to recognize the importance of comparative works and putting the research of comparative philosophy on the map of both Indian andContinue reading “Recognition by the Ancient Philosophy Society”

Please Watch My Talk at APPA

My talk on ‘Wisdom Leads to Happiness’ covers a lot of details of my research, my course and my experiences in the field of Philosophical Counseling. I hope you will listen to it. Please like, share and subscribe to my blog. Thank you APPA for giving me a chance to present this talk at theContinue reading “Please Watch My Talk at APPA”

Using Leisure to Improve Lives

Thank you APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners’ Association) for publishing my article entitled ‘Using Leisure to Improve Lives – Epictetus, Seneca and Indian Philosophy‘. The special double issue is based on the theme of how Philosophy can help during a global pandemic. Below is the pdf of my article. For more information about the journal, pleaseContinue reading “Using Leisure to Improve Lives”

My Talk at APPA on Saturday, July 11th

Thanks to Prof. Lou Marinoff (President of APPA) and the board of Directors at the American Philosophical Practitioners Association for inviting me to deliver a lecture at their annual meeting. My talk is held on July 11th from 2.30 pm to 3.45 pm on the topic of ‘Wisdom Leads to Happiness‘. Please join us forContinue reading “My Talk at APPA on Saturday, July 11th”

My Talk at the Princeton University Hindu Life Program

*** TOMORROW *** SAPIENS & STHITAPRAJNAa Comparative Exploration of Seneca’s Stoicism and the Bhagavad-Gita a wisdom talk by Ashwini Mokashi, PhD SP Pune University,Princeton Research Forum  Wednesday, June 24 | 6pm EDTon ZOOM Click hereto join at the time of the event.__ What makes one a wise person? How should one act in the world to be happy? What is a life well-lived? These central questions drive both the StoicContinue reading “My Talk at the Princeton University Hindu Life Program”

Profile on Psychology Today

Covid-19 is challenging the mental health of many. I am here to help. I have a few spots open, if anyone needs help. Philosophical counseling is a great way to gain perspective on life’s issues and feel positive. Below is my profile on Psychology Today. The goal is ‘happiness for everyone through philosophical reflection’.

उपनिषदातील भीतीचे निराकरण

लेखिका: अश्विनी मोकाशी, Ph.D. © परिचय सध्याच्या परिस्थितीत करोना महामारीच्या भीतीमुळे आणि घरात सक्तीने बसावे लागल्याने चिंतेचे विकार वाढत आहेत. लोकांना एकूण जीवनाविषयी चिंता वाटते आणि ते निष्क्रियतेच्या टोकापर्यंत जाऊन काळजी करतात. निष्क्रियतेचे कारण भीती आणि असुरक्षितता आहे; उदाहरणार्थ पुढे काय होईल याची भीती, मृत्यूची किंवा दु: खाची भीती, फायद्याची किंवा तोट्याची भीती, अपयशाची भीती, ताणतणावांची काळजी, इत्यादी. काळजी केल्याने फायदा काहीच होतContinue reading “उपनिषदातील भीतीचे निराकरण”