Public Talks in 2022

1) International Conference of Philosophical Counseling – 2022, Plenary Invited Talk

2) Public Talk at the Lucknow University, March 2022

3) Webinar Series Talk at the Academy of Comparative Philosophy and Religion (ACPR), Belgavi India, May 2022

4) Special Lecture at the Pali Department of Savitribai Phule Pune University, June 2022


Public Talks in 2021

1) Talk to the Philosophical Counseling students at the University of Kerala, February 2021

2) Talk to the Independent Scholars of PRF and NCIS organizations on Feb 28, 2021

3) Talk to the Philosophy students at the Delhi University, March 11, 2021

4) Talk to the Gurudev Ranade Facebook Group, April 24, 2021

5) Talk to the Philosophical Counseling Group, May 7, 2021

6) Talk to the Montgomery Recreation Center ‘Pursuit of Happiness in Lockdown’, May 19, 2021

7) Talk to the Youth of Montgomery Recreation ‘Philosophy of Happiness’, June 9, 2021Con