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Ever since I started talking to Dr. Ashwini Mokashi, I feel immensely blessed and grateful to God for all the support and guidance she has given me. Her way of understanding and analyzing a particular problem persuades you to cognize your own strength, that every person innately has! With inspirational philosophies of Stoics and Upanishads, brought into candid conversations, she is making it so easy for me to reflect upon even small actions and importantly channelizing my own thoughts. Many thanks to Dr.Ashwini from the core of my heart for all her kind words and advice.
Counseling Client treated in Feb-March 2021

My wife greatly appreciated your kindness and attention in her long illness. You were compassionate and generous towards her.

– From the family of someone I counseled
You have succeeded in giving her the best gift possible: to see/hear from her friends perhaps for the last time. She was sooo happy with lots of people there.
– From a Friend of someone I counseled
Grateful for you, and I know thousands of other patients are too. Thank you and enjoy your blood drive coordinator Appreciation Week.
– From one of my Well-wishers

Sapiens and Sthitaprajna studies the concept of a wise person in the Stoic Seneca and in the Bhagavadgita. Although the Gita and Seneca’s writings were composed at least two centuries apart and a continent apart, they have much in common in recommending a well-lived life. This book describes how in both a wise person is endowed with both virtue and wisdom, is moral, makes right judgements and takes responsibility for actions. A wise and virtuous person always enjoys happiness, as happiness consists in knowing that one has done the right thing at the right time.

“There are very few works of scholarship, where an author has compared philosophical concepts of Roman Antiquity and Ancient India. Good job.”

Knut Axel Jacobsen
A Norwegian scholar of the history of religions and professor at the University of Bergen, and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

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