•  Book Reviews
  1. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/bhagwat-gita-seneca-pursuit-of-happiness-5896920/
  2. https://www.loksatta.com/athour-mapia-news/ashwini-mokashi-book-sapiens-and-sthitaprajna-zws-70-1943055/
  • Research Talks at these Institutions
  1. Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune India, April 2019
  2. Princeton University Hindu Life Program, 2020
  3. American Philosophical Practitioners Association, 2020
  4. Garje Marathi, March 2020
  5. University of Kerala, February 2021
  6. Delhi University, March 2021
  • Statistics on Talks
  1. A series of four talks on the Gita as a Spiritual text based on the book by Gurudev Ranade at the Gurudev Ranade Facebook Group received on average 1500 hits, 125 likes per talk.
  2. A TV Interview at the local Princeton TV program ‘Back Story with Joan Goldstein’ made it to the Top Ten best viewed programs of August 2019.
  • Counseling Client feedback
‘When I reached out to Dr. Mokashi for philosophical counseling, the severity of my problem was at 8 (0-10 with 10 being most severe). After the four sessions, the severity of my problem went down to 3 (0-10 with 10 being most severe). I would most definitely recommend her counseling services to others.’
– A client treated in January 2021
  • Awards in Philosophy
  • Susan Stebbing Award from the King’s College, London, 1992
  • British Council Award, 1992
  • Natu prize and other awards from the University of Pune, 1989