(a) Philosophical Counseling Practice

Certified by American Philosophical Practitioners Association (

‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’ the book by Dr. Ashwini Mokashi, has been recognized by American Philosophical Practitioners Association as a text and reference material.

Dr. Ashwini Mokashi has helped people through her writing, teaching, in-person and public talks.

In this era of Covid-19, Dr. Ashwini Mokashi counsels clients online. She specializes in moral dilemmas, career change, seeking meaning of life, difficult decisions, strategic thinking, anxiety over the pandemic, relationship difficulties.

Philosophical counseling is a dialogue with the client to analyze one’s beliefs and learn to formulate rational beliefs to figure out appropriate solutions. It is a counseling practice for people from any background. Her specialization is in using the Stoic ideas and the ideas from the Bhagavad-Gita to ease the pain in life and take us on the road to happiness.

To arrange a session, please contact her at or call her at 609-250-2526

(b) Organizational Consulting

Dr. Ashwini Mokashi is certified by APPA as an Organizational Consultant to help organizations small and large to function more effectively and smoothly. Her experience in the corporate world, in the academic world and in successfully running a small non-profit organization make her a competent Organizational Consultant.

Organizational Consultants utilize a range of skills and techniques–from Socratic Dialogue to Dilemma Training to Pragmatism–for enhancing ethics and ethos in the workplace. A virtuous workforce is more functional (and profitable) than a vicious one.

Please contact her for fees, appointment and availability at or call her at 609-250-2526

(c) Public Lectures and Book-Talks

Dr. Ashwini Mokashi has delivered many pulic talks on her book in India and USA, as well as some small-group talks in Europe. She is open to give book-talks, public lectures, or speak at conferences, school or events to spread the word about how Philosophy can help us obtain Happiness.

Please contact her for fees, appointment and availability at or call her at 609-250-2526

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