Happiness Counseling Practice

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I believe in happiness for everyone through philosophical wisdom, rational analysis, philosophical counseling. I am a big believer in meditation, yoga and self-care. I offer my clients empathy, problem-solving, and reflections on life. My clients trust me and I work hard for their well-being. During the pandemic, I felt very strongly to reach out to people to help them lead a good life and enhance enjoyment in their lives. 

Transformational Coaching Practice
Many experience a loss of hope and happiness due to some circumstances or internal disturbance. Once we get to the root of the cause, it is possible to strategize ways to come out of the tunnel, see the light of the day and regain one’s hope and enjoyment of life. The gains are good health, higher productivity, focus, happiness and well-being. 
Corporate Consulting for Ethical Concerns

Dr. Mokashi is certified by APPA as an Organizational Consultant to help organizations small and large to function more effectively and smoothly. Organizational Consultants utilize a range of skills and techniques–from Socratic Dialogue to Dilemma Training to Pragmatism–for enhancing ethics and ethos in the workplace. A virtuous workforce is more functional (and profitable) than a vicious one.

HR/Business Consulting

Dr. Mokashi has worked with Fortune 500 companies for a decade in the HR environment. She has a Masters degree in HR and  A virtuous workforce is more functional (and profitable) than a vicious one. Currently she works with IMATMI organization for HR/Business Consulting.

Research Talks

Dr. Mokashi has delivered many talks on her book in India and USA, as well as some small-group talks in Europe. She is keen to talk at academic or group events to spread the word about how Philosophical wisdom can help obtain Happiness.


Dr. Mokashi has taught a Philosophical course based on her research at the ‘Evergreen Forum’ in Princeton, NJ in 2020. Previously, she has also taught various Philosophical courses at the Pune University in India.