Transformational Coaching

Career Coaching

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Career coaching is suitable for two categories of candidates, who are looking for a new job, or those who are looking to settle in a newly promoted position. Most of us are not confident that we will get a new job when we are in a tough job market. Some of us are also anxious about whether we will be able to handle greater responsibilities. We can help you with these areas of concern. My coaching has helped executives and young people fresh on the job market both get new jobs and handle new responsibilities.

My experience in a business school in India prepared a hundred students to face the recruiters for the first time. Working with various executives in the US, I have helped them figure out how to look for a new job at an advanced stage of their careers and do well in their newly promoted positions. My strategies are based on Philosophical wisdom and practical awareness of the situation.

If you would like any help in this regard, we can work with you one on one and put you in touch with various resources to do well in the job market.

Life Coaching

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Life throws curveballs at us from time to time. We are not always ready to handle tricky situations, as we have not learned the necessary skills for those situations. That can cause a lot of confusion, lose track of our career, or not care for ourselves, our family members, or face health issues. Philosophical wisdom can teach you the skills you need for handling any such curveballs and still come out ahead.

I have worked with students who repeatedly failed in their exams but needed to figure out how to pass them. I have worked with people facing life crises and needed to correct their old ways to change the situation. It is a gradual process of learning new skills and unlearning dysfunctional skills.

Life coaching helps when facing a challenging situation by figuring out new goals and a process to reach them.

If you feel this kind of guidance might help you, please contact us.