‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ has been formed in New Jersey during the Covid times to respond to the need for dealing with mental health challenges among people and help them with Philosophical Counseling. LLC’s motto is to bring the life of the community at ease during the pandemic. ‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ is a small business built on its promoter’s strength with decades of academic philosophy, corporate work, and volunteering experience.

Dr. Ashwini Mokashi is the President of ‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC.‘ She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from SP Pune University, and she is certified by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA) as a Counselor and a Consultant.

For more information, see the ‘About’ Section.

Please specify if you are interested in (a) Philosophical Coaching or (b) Philosophical counseling; or if your organization requires (c) a philosophical consultant to streamline any ethical concerns, or if your organization would like to invite Dr. Mokashi for (d) a motivational speaker. If you would like to give us some positive feedback, or if you would like to volunteer with us, we would heartily welcome that as well.

Thank you!

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