Our Vision and Mission

‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ was formed in New Jersey during the pandemic to respond to the need of dealing with mental health challenges to help people and organizations with philosophical counseling and educate them about how implementing philosophical wisdom leads to happiness. 


Happiness is possible for everyone and we empower people in their pursuit of Happiness through an education in Philosophical Wisdom. 


To be the reliable and timely guide to achieve Happiness through philosophical wisdom, rational analysis and obtaining perspective through philosophical advice. We seek intelligent solutions to modern challenges and help solve Happiness’s puzzle in many ways. 


At ‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC,’ we work through various tools, such as Socratic dialogues, philosophical analysis of a challenge, meditation, yoga, and self-care, to find smart solutions for Happiness. We provide you with philosophical readings to delve deeper into the belief system of your choice.

The salient objectives of LLC are summarized below.

  • Help you gain perspective on life or career issues.
  • Research talks on ancient wisdom and philosophy.
  • Help organizations solve their ethical dilemmas affecting productivity.
  • Teaching Philosophy.