Happiness Counseling

Happiness Counseling Solutions for Relationship Concerns

We prize our relationships above all. Even if our goals are materialistic, such as earn more money, get a promotion, do well on the stock market, or not have to worry about money matters, we also accept that these goals may take time and that this is a process. What causes us to lose sleep at night is when our crucial relationships do not function smoothly. That causes some irritation, anxiety or anger, and if it gets complicated, then also depression at different intensity levels.

In my philosophical counseling practice, I have handled many kinds of cases. Most of those cases have been in some ways about relationship issues. While the cases may have been about anxiety or depression, they were caused by relationship issues. The problems are similar in any relationship. Whether your partner is from a different social group, diverse culture, or other race, the causes for disturbance can still be the same. Once we figure out the most prominent reason for disturbing the relationship, it is easier to figure out a solution. Sometimes we imagine the cause is x, and it turns out to be y. Thus, our efforts in fixing x are wasted, as we need to fix y. Sometimes, people may not have any major partner problems, but may have issues with their parents, kids, siblings, or close friends. These problems are still a source of concern.

Various relationship issues can be dealt with through philosophical wisdom and strategic solutions. Some of them have included problems such as heartbreak or a series of heartbreaks, pre-marital or pre-relationship anxiety, an unsuitable partner, domestic conflict, spousal infidelity, stress in long-term marriages, raising kids in a dysfunctional marriage, concern about safety in a bad marriage. Once we have analyzed and found suitable solutions, it is possible for the clients to resume life with a new and healthy perspective.

There are philosophical strategies used as behavioral techniques to help clients go from being in a horrible situation to becoming empowered in life. The success people have had in turning things around makes them good role models. Having watched this transition for many people makes me confident that it is possible to find solutions to reduce the intensity of these issues and then bring people on the right path. It makes them happier and helps them regain their health and happiness.

If these issues are left untreated, it can be devastating both for physical and mental health. They can become significant impediments in our careers as well. My solutions have worked for many, and they will work for you, too, if you are currently having any issues. 

Some of my findings will be published in a research paper soon.

If you would like to learn more about how to turn things around in your life and gain a philosophical perspective, please get in touch.