Happiness is Possible for Everyone©

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Our signature course of how ‘Wisdom Leads to Happiness’© is now available for interest groups, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Ashwini Mokashi is the leader organizing this course. She has given many talks at various academic institutions from a research perspective in the US, India, and Europe, including well-appreciated speeches at the Princeton University’s Hindu Life Program and a memorial lecture at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune, India.

Dr. Ashwini Mokashi has authored the book “Sapiens and Sthitaprajna” which is well-regarded by the academic community and others.  This book is recognized as a reference book by American Philosophy Practitioners Association (APPA) in New York in Syllabus for Philosophical Counseling courses. It is also recognized by the Ancient Philosophy Society, USA.

Now the program is arranged for the Management of Corporates.

This workshop shows its practical usage of how these ideas can be put to work while doing philosophical counseling and treating people with their issues.

In this two-hour workshop, various points will be addressed in brief:

  1. Summary of the book- “Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’”
  2. The discussions on how ‘Wisdom Leads to Happiness.’
  3. Wise Person of the Stoics ‘Sapiens.’
  4. Wise Person of the Gita ‘Sthitaprajna.’
  5. How Wisdom solves life’s issues
  6. Case Studies (Pick any two from below or suggest another)
    1. Depression
    2. Anxiety
    3. Anger Issues
    4. Grief Issues
    5. Marital Conflicts
    6. Conflicts at Work
  1. Best resolutions of the cases – Three-Point Reflections
  1. How to do damage control?
  2. What are unfulfilled needs?
  • What principles/new skills need to be learned?
  1. Time-requirement for resolution
  2. Establish Peace with Meditation
  3. Success Criterion