Comparative Study of Ancient Roman and Hindu Ideals of Wisdom

Thank you Devika Khandekar, a former Finance professional, for writing a book-review of my book ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’ as follows:

“Dr. Mokashi has effected a thought-provoking study spanning Greco-Roman and Vedic Wisdom. The parallels in Seneca’s Sapiens and the Gita’s Karma/Jnana yogi lend themselves to comparative study. Indeed, the book vouchsafes the universality of the concepts of Dharma, Atman, Brahman, etc having their genesis in the Gita and the Upanishads, by tracing the path of similar concepts “two centuries and a continent apart”. A detailed and diverting analysis, it probes the concept of virtue, excellence, right thoughts and action, which is fundamental to our journey irrespective of the time we live in, and thus very relevant. Highly commend and look forward to more publications from Ashwini Mokashi.”

by Devika Khandekar, a former Finance Professional, who describes herself as hodophile, heliophile and linguaphile.

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