International Conference of Philosophical Counseling – 2022

International Conference of Philosophical Counseling – 2022

by Dr. Ashwini Mokashi

The University of Delhi and the Department of Education in India organized the first International Conference of Philosophical Counseling in January 2022, along with the help of American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA) in New York. The Indian Council of Philosophical Research sponsored the conference. It attracted about 100 speakers from all over the world and about 2000 registered attendees. Prof. Balaganapathi Devarkonda spearheaded the organization part along with his team including Dr. Vikas Baniwal, Mrs. Charu Thapliyal and Ms. Madhulika Sharma. Prof. Lou Marinoff was one of the Keynote speakers. Kudos to their efforts for gathering this community together, which is focused on wellbeing and philosophical perspective in life!

SPECIAL FOCUS (as described on the above webpage)

Philosophical Counselling through Indian Philosophy

Since religion and culture play a significant role in the cultivation of one’s thoughts and lifestyle, many practitioners also approach Philosophical Counselling via thinkers and philosophical traditions of India. Indian philosophy comprises some of the most ancient systems of the world. It is supported by a vast number of ancient testimonials and authoritative texts of reliable thinkers and scriptures. Philosophical Counselling shares a lot of structural similarities with many Indian philosophies. The main aim of Indian philosophy is to begin life with self-introspection and then move towards a hopeful end by providing sensible solutions to overcome the dark realities of life. Thus, the conference would also engage with philosophical texts, stories, and writings of thinkers from India, such as Kabir & Krishnamurti, who have been viewed as Philosophical Counsellors.


Please watch my talk below on ‘Indian Traditions of Philosophical Counseling,’ as a plenary speaker.


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