My Talk at the Princeton University Hindu Life Program

*** TOMORROW ***

Comparative Exploration of Seneca’s Stoicism and the Bhagavad-Gita

a wisdom talk by 
Ashwini Mokashi, PhD 
SP Pune University,
Princeton Research Forum 

Wednesday, June 24 | 6pm EDT

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 What makes one a wise person? How should one act in the world to be happy? What is a life well-lived? These central questions drive both the Stoic master Seneca and the sacred Hindu text Bhagavad-gita. Although the Gita and Seneca’s writings  are centuries, continents, and cultures apart, might they share a common philosophical core?

Philosophy  scholar and researcher, Dr. Ashwini Mokashi draws on her book on this subject to offer a thoughtful comparison between these two streams of philosophy, focusing in on Stocism’s ideal of the sapien and the Gita’s archetype of the sthitaprajna. 
All are welcome.

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