‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ has been formed in New Jersey during the Covid times to respond to the need for dealing with mental health challenges among people and help them with Philosophical Counseling. LLC’s motto is to bring the life of the community at ease during the pandemic. ‘Philosophy and Happiness, LLC’ is a small business built on its promoter’s strength with decades of academic philosophy, corporate work, and volunteering experience. Dr. Ashwini Mokashi's book 'Sapiens and Sthitaprajna' is on Comparative Philosophy on the concept of the wise person in Stoic Seneca and the Gita. The book talks about how wisdom leads to happiness.

Book-Review by Prof. Archana Degaonkar

by Ashwini Mokashi With sincere thanks to Prof. Archana Degaonkar for writing a book-review of my book ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna’. Also sincere thanks to the Indian Philosophical Quarterly, published by the SP Pune University and the Chief Editor of the journal, Prof. Pradeep Gokhale for publishing the book-review in their esteemed journal. Please see the …

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Reaching over the Barriers

By Dr. Ashwini Mokashi Continuing with our program of the ‘Kabiriyat,’ next we will discuss yet another beautiful poem by Saint Kabir, which describes how despite the superficial differences in religious practices, all religions teach the same abstract principles and how these spiritual principles bind the world together. Below are the two versions of the …

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Importance of Breathing – Saint Kabir’s Philosophy

by Ashwini Mokashi, Ph.D. Continuing with our discussions of Saint Kabir’s poetry and his philosophy, we would like to focus on a Doha, which describes the importance of breathing. This Doha is taken from a book called ‘Paramartha Sopan,’ compiled by Professor R. D. Ranade (1886-1957). He was a Vice-chancellor of the Allahabad University, a …

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